Lessons and Training

We provide lessons to all ages and skill levels.

Bright Farms has an unmatched horseback riding lesson program where you will learn how to ride with confidence. Our program is not just riding - your instructor will show you how to build a relationship with a horse and grow as an equestrian. Riding lessons focus on grooming, handling, saddling and all other aspects of proper equitation. Our lessons are for ages five and up, and skill levels from beginner through intermediate, and all the way to horse trials and rated shows.

Private Lessons

Head Trainer - $85/hr

Assistant Trainer - $65/hr 

Show Team Group - $35/hr

Semi-Private Lessons

Head Trainer - $75/hr per student

Assistant Trainer - $55/hr per student

Clinics/outside trainers

Outside trainer fee- $100

Clinincs - trainer fee’s + $50 administrative fee

Haul-in fee - $50

Training/Exercise Rides

Training Ride (Head Trainer) - $100 per outing

Exercise Ride or Lunging  (Assistant Trainer) - $65 per outing



Summer Camp

$900/week with a $300 nonrefundable deposit


All lessons require a 24-hour cancelation notice to avoid a lesson charge.

Lessons canceled due to weather need to be rescheduled immediately. We ride in the rain unless conditions are determined to be too dangerous by the barn.

Beginning riders will be required to take private lesson for the first eight lessons.

It is important that students have a comprehensive and well-rounded knowledge of horsemanship.  Topics to be covered will include horse anatomy, parts of the tack, barn management and more. Students will occasionally be required to take ground lessons.

All riders lessoning with Head Trainer Kristen Goldin are required to provide their own horse.

All boarders are required to either lesson or have training rides twice a month

Bright Farms Show Team

Does your child love riding and wants to practically live, sleep, and breathe horses? Are you ready to be at the barn more to drop off/pick up your young rider, attend shows, learn the in and outs of horses, and be a fulltime show cheerleader?

There is a lot that goes into being a show team rider, not just from the child but from the parents as well. Listed below is detailed information about what it means to join the Bright Farms’ show team!

black girl with horse


  • Lesson twice a week, one can be a group show team ride.
  • Attend 3 shows a year minimum with the option to show up to 6 times. All horse shows, since the dawn of horse show time, have started on a Friday. Riders are expected to be ready to go at the show grounds for warmups and grooming between 12pm-1pm. Most of the shows we attend are within a 2-hour radius of Bright Farms. Shows will finish on either Saturday or Sunday.
  • Purchase the proper riding attire (a list is provided to incoming team members).
  • Participate in team days, a fun filled day of learning, riding, and snacks! Always held on non-school days.

Costs of horse showing:

Schooling shows are a la carte, and average approximately $750 to $1000 per show. This estimate includes a private lesson at the show grounds, coaching the day of the show, the registration fees, schooling fees, trailering costs, etc. This does not include show attire, food (although we typically will have some snacks/water for the kids), or overnight stays (if you choose to stay in a hotel versus driving back and forth, the hotel stay needs to be arranged by yourself).

Bright Farms Etiquette

All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Children 12 or older are welcome to be dropped off thirty minutes prior to a lesson and picked up thirty minutes after the lesson. All boarders under 14 riding outside of lessons must have adult supervision. Please contact the barn prior to dropping off a minor outside of lessons.

Students will be required to wear proper attire.  Each student will be required to wear shoes with a hard sole and a heel, breeches or leggings, and an ASTM/STI certified helmet. Students will be required to purchase their own helmets after four lessons.  All students in the intermediate level or above will be asked to wear paddock boots and proper riding pants.  All students are encouraged to wear gloves. All participants in equestrian activity on the farm will be required to sign a rider release form. Please request one at brightfarmsauburn@gmail.com

- Debrorah Bright - Owner, Bright Farms

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